Cell phone tracking: Keeping Taps on your Family- top 7 apps

In life, privacy and private endeavors are better kept alone, it’s never glorious to find out someone knows where you have been going and what you have been doing. Indeed, it’s a deprivation of human will and freedom, but its different when it’s your children or  when one is in dire situation to know where his/her loved ones are and most probably what they are doing. These days, children have become hard to manage, with technology and societal changes its becoming very hard to know where your children at a particular time. By identifying where they are then maybe it will be easier to know what they are doing. Indeed, tracking down your children can be a very debatable topic with each person having a different perspective.  Most parents will want to know the location of their children, if they are where they are supposed to be or where they say they will be or rather if they have arrived at their destination.

Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Indeed, the decision to track is up to each family, it’s a personal choice. Hence, if you decide to track your children outside your home, then there are a number of apps and Smartphone trackers that can help out.

1.      Pocket Finder

Pocket Finder is an acclaimed GPS tracking service that offers features including real time cell phone tracking and safe zone, speed limits in cars and alerts. It works in most cases with a complimentary iOS apps and Android app.  The tracker allows you view for 60 days of the map history.  Pocket finder also saves your battery whereby rather than tracking day long and consume your battery; you can customize the unit to track your needs from a day to two hours. If you want a tracker that is effective and easy to use, then Pocket finder is for you.

2.      Amber Alert GPS

This is another tracking device that is dedicated more on your child’s safety. The tracker can send alerts, emails even texts on your child’s whereabouts, such alerts also can be sent when your child ventures outside the safe zone.  A step further, the tracker notifies you when your child ventures 500 feet near a registered sex offender’s residence and enables your child to use an SOS button if in any case they need immediate help.

3.      5Star

5Star offers GPS tracking that lies on the emergency response services. In using the device you can be able track someone’s location by the use of web supported tools, emergency tools involve instant emergency access and medical alerts systems that gives response to alert agents through a touch of the button. It offers good service for fresh licensed teens that are nervous about driving.

4.      Secure eZoom

Secure eZoom is one of a kind Smartphone tracker that can be put on your child’s back pack or in another case permanently mounted in the car. Then by using your PC and Smartphone you can check the location of your child. One wonderful thing about the Smartphone tracker is that you can create safe zones that will alert you of when the devices move out of these areas, at the same time you can monitor the speed of your child’s car. This Smartphone tracker is very effective and cannot be easily detected by your child.

5.      GPS Tracker

GPS location tracker is more on mobile tracking; it covers all mobile devices hence making it very useful to track family members and lost devices. GPS tracker app enables you to know where your family members are and where they have been in prior days. Location history is then cached into a secure server thus accessible through internet or a mobile browser.

6.      Canary

Canary has established itself has a device that can be used to track teens driving behaviors and locations. The cell phone tracker analyses your teen’s cell phone behavior, hence can send texts and alerts when teens are driving at higher speeds that are more than 12mph. It does not disable a phone, but it gives parents an opportunity to check the phone activity and bring to their kids.

7.      Life 360

Life360 is an established app for families. It can be used together hence the most preferred, it allows you to check on your family, in most cases when children have left or arrived at a particular destinations. It’s more used as a communication device. It can be used for group messaging plus sometimes for VoIP conference calls in order to enable every member to be in contact.

Pros of Tracking

Cell phone tracking can be very advantageous in different situations;

Child Safety

Children can be sometimes a bit more adventurous than expected; therefore, cell phone enables parents to know where their children are at all times.   Cell phone trackers keep sending data on the phone’s current location in real time. Through logging safety zones, parents are able to manage the safety of their children and ensure that at all times they are at a safe zone.  Secondly, it’s a good device to catch dishonest children who lie on their whereabouts hence be able to straighten up your child.

Emergency Services

Cell phone tracking is most essential in providing emergency services alerts.  In most cases your child or you can be in dire need of emergency services, cell phone trackers through the use of a GPS receiver and by working using the phone provider, it is easy to identify where somebody is and nearby emergency personnel are notified or the police to come and help in such situations.

At the same time there are privacy concerns and criminal use of trackers, these negative factors in one way or another compromise the ability and importance of the cell phone trackers. But at the same cell phone trackers have done much to ensure the security of children and keep a family together in case of any problem. Also, cell phone trackers can come in hand, in providing emergency alerts for people who are in dire help.


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